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Tree Pruning

Crown Reductions

Crown reduction is a great method for pruning large canopy trees that have grown too large for the garden. Reducing trees at a young age is recommended as this will save on cost in the future as it will be able to be maintained more easily. Reducing the large branches will lessen the chance of a branch or whole tree to fall. Some trees are not suitable for pruning during certain seasons, we always check this before carrying out any work.


Pollarding is a very severe way of tree pruning. The branches or new growth are cut right back to the stem. This is done when a tree is very unhealthy or needed to be cut back to a manageable size. If a tree is very unhealthy and you pollard it, it can give the tree a second chance of life. This is because when the tree is smaller it uses less energy to pump nutrients into its branches.

Crown Lift

You might choose to crown lift a tree if it is obstructing cars, buildings, views or is preventing the entrance of garden machinery.  We wouldn’t recommend lifting a trees crown by more than 15%.

Dead Wooding

In most cases large and mature trees have a lot of dead wood in the canopy. It is important to remove the dead wood from the trees canopy as during strong weather conditions the branches can fall, which is high risk to the surroundings. If dead wood is left on the tree it can affect the overall health of the tree and may contaminate healthy areas.