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Tree Removal

Sectional Dismantling

Occasionally, there is no other choice than to remove dead, diseased or dangerous trees. These trees may pose a risk or they have simply been planted in the incorrect location. When the tree is in close proximity to buildings or potential hazardous obstacles, we lower the small pieces of the tree using rigging equipment in order to control the decent of the branches and logs from the tree. In some situations where the trees is too unsafe to climb we use Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).

Straight Felling

If there is enough space we will always straight fell the tree in one single unit as this is less time consuming. We also check before every job that the tree does not have a Tree Preservation Order(TPO), or that the work we carry out is not in a Conservation Area. All waste will be removed and recycled. On request the wood can be logged up into manageable sizes which can be stacked. Also the wood chip can be chipped into a pile for your use.